Some messages from God in True Life in God to us by His Messenger Vassula Rydén since 1985 and to today

Bland de många budskap om True Life in God som har givits oss under alla dessa år, gick jag snabbt igenom några av dem som verkar profetera vad som händer i våra dagar med COVID-19. Herren har kallat oss sedan 1985 av Sin sprudlande kärlek i Sina budskap till omvändelse, till ett liv i bön, för att göra fred med honom. Han har kallat Sin kyrka för att förena och förena datumen för påsk! Han har alltid försökt med kraft att dra oss ur vårt avfall och vår självmedvetenhet. Han har verkat som en tiggare för vår skull! Herren försökte visa oss att den verkliga faran för livet inte är hotet till döden utan det dåliga valet att välja att leva ett liv utan Gud.

Det som sker nu och förutsägs ske om vi inte vänder om, finns i Guds profetia.

Nyligen kom ett budskap som rör pandemin. Detta onda kan fortgå mer än vi tror.  Då vi lever utan Gud kan mörkrets makt härja.

Gud är det Trefaldiga Ljuset i Fader, Son och Ande. Gud älskar alla!! Även syndare, men har synden. Mörkret makt är den trefaldiga ondskan i Antikrist, Odjuret och Draken.

1 Antikrist rör människa som Guds motståndare, sprider irrläror och hädar Guds namn
2. Odjuret är en politisk kraft som fördärvar rättfärdighet, fred  och livet på jorden. Mammons tid har gällt.
3. Draken är djävulenHerren ber om vår bön och ånger.

Den 13 mars 2020 kom detta budskap som rör pandemin
Herre, förbarma mig, syndaren!

samla  folket och berätta för dem: utan att omvända sig och sanning i er bön kommer detta onda att vara längre än du tror; vänd dig till mig, din Gud och omvänd dig; en uppriktig och universell bön når mig, din Gud; fasta kommer att kasta bort demoner; varje offer är acceptabelt för Mig; kasta bort din döda ande och avstå från dina onda vägar och sluta fred med Mig, din Gud; låt mig höra: “Herre, för barmhärtighet mot mig, syndaren!” och jag kommer att visa medkänsla; och jag kommer att regna välsignelser på er alla; kom, fruktar inte; Jag lyssnar … ic

ORIGINAL TEXT: Among the many messages of True Life in God that have been given to us all these years, I quickly went through some of them that seem to be prophesying what is happening in our days with COVID-19. The Lord has been calling us since 1985 out of His exuberant Love in His messages to repentance, to a life of prayer, to make peace with Him. He has been calling His Church to unite, and unite the dates of Easter! He was trying ever so hard to drag us out of our apostasy and our complacency. He has become a beggar for our sake! The Lord was trying to show us that the real danger to life is not the threat to death but the bad choice of choosing to live without God.


I was asked by the Lord to make His messages known around the world. I did my best, as did the collaborators that were chosen by our Lord. There were results, but not as many as the Lord wanted because of the accumulation of calumnies, slander and persecutions these divine messages received from various sources, limiting thus their diffusion. What have we gained? What have we gained in creating obstacles in our incredulity so that the Voice of the Lord would not be heard as it should have been heard? The Lord, afflicted, had been trying all these years to break through our deafness and through our apathy to lead us to Him, to lead us to Life. He was trying to cleanse from our eyes the scales encrusted by the dust of our apostasy. Our incredulity did us no good.


Now God stopped the world.

He put a break to many of our materialistic functions. He wants us to reflect on His Presence which is the most important thing in our lives, especially in these times of Lent. Is it a coincidence that this outburst came during the period of Lent? With God there are no coincidences… The Lord invites us now to stand before Him, to recognize that He is the Saviour of mankind. He places His friendship right in front of us, drawing us into an everlasting intimate relationship with Him that can surely rebuke the pandemic with just one Word uttered from Him, just as, in the same way, He rebuked the strong winds when He sailed with His disciples on the Galilean Sea.


Here are just a few of His messages…

March 23, 1988

“(…) creation! beware of the devil, for he is redoubling his efforts to ensnare you and in the meantime pretending he is non-existent so that he maneuvers without being feared; O creation! He is preparing a large holocaust upon you, O how I cry from My Cross! creation, return to Me! do not let him ensnare you by denying Me! pray, pray for the return of souls, *let every soul learn the prayers I have given you, I love all of you; (…)”


*(The Memorare of St. Bernard, prayer to St. Michael, Novena of confidence to the Sacred Heart)


In this message, our Lord seemed excessively distressed when He was warning us that Satan is preparing a large holocaust upon us. COVID-19 is becoming a holocaust, spreading like mist around this planet, killing masses of people!


May 4, 1988

“(…) Vassula, the time is imminent, ever so imminent! O come, My beloved ones! Come to Me! I am the Way the Truth and the Life; come to  Me now when there is still time; when the grass is still green and the flowers still blooming on the trees; O come! I love you exceedingly! I have loved you always in spite of your wickedness and your evil doings; creation, why thrust yourselves so willingly at Satan’s feet? creation, return to Me when still the Spring breeze is blowing and there is still time for your conversion; ah Vassula, the time is almost over* what is to come is very near you!”


*while Jesus was saying these words I saw in an interior vision a hot, deadly, poisoned, strong wind blowing on us and nature, leaving in its passage only death. Everything it touched was left dead.


In the vision, I saw people trying to breathe and inhale that ‘wind’ but instead of being relieved they were lit from within. We know that COVID-19 attacks the lungs. This deadly ‘wind’ symbolized as well that if we die, as Jesus said once, we die because of our apostasy. It will affect good and bad people; there will be no difference. Read to understand: Luke 13:1-5. The trees at the wind’s passage dropped all their leaves and spontaneously withered. Much like God’s Word in the Book of Revelation, which is not limited to one single event, so God’s prophecy on a chastisement that will afflict the lungs on account of our apostasy may be repeated in the future.


Several biblical scholars acknowledge biblical parallels and their relation to Christian prophecy. Biblical parallels suggest that a biblical event or prophecy may be followed by a future event patterned after its preceding manifestation. One example of such parallels may be found in the Book of Exodus, “And Moses stretched forth his hand towards heaven, and there came horrible darkness in all, the land of Egypt for three days” (Ex. 10:22). This darkness occurring throughout the land is a rediscovered event in the prophecies of the Book of Joel 3:4, 2:17; 19:21 and the Book of Revelation 6:12, 8:12.Another example is the event of the descent of the Holy Spirit that occurred upon Mary (Lk. 1:35), Christ (3:22), the Apostles (Lk. 24:49; Acts 2:1-4) and the Baptized (Jn. 3:5; Acts 2:38; 10:44-45; 11:15-16), and that is also rediscovered in the prophesied outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all mankind in Joel 2:28-29, in the statements of Ss. Popes John Paul II and John XXIII who wrote and spoke of a “new Pentecost” upon the entire Church, and in the TLIG message of Dec. 10, 1995: “I will display portents in heaven as never before; there will be a second Pentecost so that My Kingdom on earth will be restored;”

Similarly, one may consider the TLIG prophecy of a chastisement that will afflict the lungs on account of our apostasy, as indicative of the Corona-19, and also the Hurricane of Fire that will encompass the entire planet.


February 13, 2016

“My peace I give to you; will you pen down My Words?”

Yes Lord…

This prayer above is ideal for our times. Please spread it around the world and let everyone pray it with a humble heart…It shows also how willingly God wants to help us emerge from our misery!


Now these two messages below are very significant for these times in which we live of COVID-19:


On May 23, 2018 almost two years ago, I had heard clearly a Voice speaking in French saying that ‘soon an atmospheric explosion will take place.’ Almost a year later, on the April 10, 2019 Christ brought it up again and this time I wrote it down as a footnote in the message.

Christ was speaking of a fire that will come on us, but that this ‘fire’ is not a physical fire lit by men, but something else that will be consuming people. What is happening today with COVID-19, is but the beginning of the actualization of  this prophecy. The Voice I heard used the word ‘atmospheric explosion’, meaning also that it will come suddenly, but powerfully, similar to the impact of a bomb. Christ continues in the message of April 10, 2019 that it will affect not only many nations, but also the economy, which obviously it does, using this term: and consume what man constructed. Here are some excerpts regarding COVID-19 from the message of April 10, 2019.


April 10, 2019 (an excerpt)

“(…) the Beast is after you filling you with his lies, hounding you in the silence of the night so as not to be revealed; like a dark shadow roaming in the obscurity he sets pit falls for you; his mouth is filled with obscenities, and with all the wrongs he has done to you, generation, and are you still not aware of his evil intentions… and his wickedness? how many more warnings am I to display?


days of ordeal lie ahead of you; a fire1 unlit by man will devour nations and consume what man constructed; nature will take its stand against you and floods shall sweep away multitudes; gone from your faces will be the sneer you had whenever you heard of My Holy Name being pronounced; then all that was hidden in dark corners will be revealed; veils of gloom are stored for you, unfaithful generation;


I turn to the West then to the East and I see My House swerving, because many have abandoned to look for the Light; many move as they please with wrong decisions that lame My Body; they have, in many ways, cut Me off from their life; My Rules and My Teachings are crushed beneath the rubble of My House, thrusting My Works behind them;


your flesh is decaying, generation, and your soul is as a parched land, waterless; I need to hear a cry of repentance; was My Sacrifice done in vain? every creature that My Father created never lasts more than a wild flower and with a gust of wind he perishes, but his soul lasts for eternity…and forever; I am the Guardian of your life; I guard you, shade you and protect you; I have given My Life for you so that you may live, what more could I have done that I have not done? rise then, now! and repent! admitting your deeds of horror2; era of wickedness, turn back from your evil ways, amend your conduct and actions and I will hear you and forgive you; do not forget that I have given My Life for you; flee from sin as from a snake;


in these last days I am using the winds as messengers sending them out in the desert, like nomads, to build up My Body3 , embellish it and unite it; (…)



1 on 23rd May, 2018 I had clearly heard a voice saying in French: “bientôt une explosion atmosphérique aura lieu…” – in English: “soon an atmospheric explosion will take place…


2 in God’s Eyes any sin, even small sins that in our eyes we think they are insignificant, they are a horror in God’s Eyes, and He sees them ever so big!


3 Church


Fr. Julio Gaddi from the Philippines explained: “While rereading the book of Vassula “Heaven is Real But so is Hell”, Vassula had warned us already as early as 2013 of this pandemic as she wrote on pages 154-155: ‘The forces of Darkness are increasing and covering many nations like mist, and yet we cannot say that we were not given signs of this warfare!’ Now we experience this pandemic throughout the world and the transmission is thru ‘droplets’, and droplet is ‘MIST’ as mentioned in the book.”


As I’m writing this article, I opened the True Life in God (One Book) and my eyes went straight to this passage of September 23, 1991 where the Eternal Father spoke:


“what do you see, daughter?”


Your Son’s Holy Face, smothered from pain. His Face is like on the Holy Shroud.


“is this not enough a reason for proceeding and sacrificing a little bit of your time and energy? look again, daughter… what do you see now, Vassula?”


I see something like a soft red cloud filling the sky, hovering above us and yet moving like mist and taking more of the sky; it moves gently but steadily.


“write: ‘like dawn there spreads across the mountains a vast and mighty host, such as has never been before, such as will never be again to the remotest ages;* yes, it is near… and now what do you see, Vassula?


Live human torches…”


*Joel 2:2


In that same book, on page 211, I am also explaining that at the same time, while this pandemic got out of hand, it will destroy the economy as well. I wrote: “the economic crisis is another big sign to humanity. The almighty God is now shattering Mammon, who represents the god of money, and to whom the world has bowed low and worshipped, bringing egoism, wars and wickedness in the hearts of man, instead of the love of God.”


The Church teaches that God can draw good from evil; perhaps it is so in order to make us realize that wealth alone is not sufficient to make us happy without God’s Presence in our lives. It is as if God is permitting us to go through Lent undergoing a great fast, undergoing a worldwide abstinence! Maybe God is asking us to stop living the way we used to live. Perhaps He is trying to put things right and adjust the scales, e.g., telling us that our health counts more than the economy’s health; caring for each other at a time of crisis is more valuable and noble in God’s Eyes than heaping up earthly treasures. Already nature is healing; the skies seem finally to ‘breathe’; the air is cleaner, no more pollution as before.


God’s love to protect us is beyond human understanding, He reassures us in His message dated May 6, 1992, in which He reveals:


“today Satan is vomiting all his hatred on the earth; He tears up and overthrows countries in his rage, He destroys and brings disaster after disaster, but with great power My Hand shall build up all that he has torn;”


What matters is that we admit we are sinners and truly repent… Secondly, we should not be afraid. If we have been close to our Blessed Mother and to Jesus, we have nothing to fear.


The thing is that no one expected this wave of pandemic to cover the entire globe so rapidly, spreading in all the nations! It is as though Satan is vomiting his lethal vomit on us, as Jesus said on May 6, 1992. He hates us! But Jesus has been warning us during all these years repeatedly, that Satan is preparing a great holocaust to destroy us and that this invisible evil will creep upon us like a thief, unexpectedly; it slithered upon us like a snake in silence, because we had our doors wide open allowing evil to enter. God did not want this evil to happen.


If people will still be rebelling against God, after this pandemic will wear out, the Lord warned us that there will be a Fire with brimstone falling from above on us after He gives us one last big Warning. We will be drawing from above God’s Justice. Remember Nineveh? We are a modern Nineveh, but not quite, because at least Nineveh’s king, when he was warned, immediately took action and fasted and gave orders to all the people and their animals to fast as well, and he wore sackcloth, repenting, wherefore God relented.


I invite people of good faith to pray for people who would not listen, because the big Warning will be one of the last warnings before the great Chastisement of Fire. When the Chastisement of Fire will come, the earth will shake and reel out of its axis. As a result, even the earth’s gravity can change. With the few who will remain, (it depends on us, if we have more people converting and returning to God) the world finally will enjoy a period of peace. Are we going to listen to Him this time? Are we finally going to take seriously His messages of ‘True Life in God’? Here are Christ’s Own words:


February 18, 1993

“when you will hear peels of thunder and see flashes of lightening know that the Hour of My Justice has come; the earth will shake and like a shooting star, will reel from its place, extirpating mountains and islands out of their places; entire nations will be annihilated; the sky will disappear like a scroll rolling up (…) and out of My Cup of Justice I will make you resemble snakes, vipers, I will make you crawl on your belly and eat dust in these days of darkness…”


“I will make you crawl on your belly”, appears to be the explanation that the earth’s gravity could change for just a few moments after a big earthquake.


I am adding a message that was given by our Blessed Mother here below that explains to us how evil draws evil.


May 15, 1990

“peace be with you children; I, your Holy Mother, am preparing you to meet the Lord; I am educating you in your spiritual growth; I am covering you with graces to help you and encourage you; realize that these are special days you are living in your times, these are the days preceding the Lord’s Coming, they are the opening of the path where the Lord will come; these days are a preparation for the descent of your King; pray so that everybody will be ready; pray, My little children, fervently for those souls who refuse to hear and refuse to see, pray to your Father who is in Heaven in this way:


Father all Merciful,
let those who hear and hear again
yet never understand,
hear Your Voice this time
and understand that it is You, the Holy of Holies;
open the eyes of those who see and see,
yet never perceive,
to see with their eyes this time
Your Holy Face and Your Glory,
place Your Finger on their heart
so that their heart may open
and understand Your Faithfulness,
I pray and ask you all these things, Righteous Father,
so that all the nations be converted and be healed
through the Wounds of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ;

(Barmhärtige Fader,
låt dem som hör och hör
men ändå inte förstår,
höra Din Röst denna gång
och förstå att det är Du, den Heligaste av Heliga;
öppna ögonen på dem som ser och ser,
men ändå inte urskiljer,
så att de ser Ditt Heliga Ansikte
och Din Härlighet denna gång;
lägg Ditt Finger på deras hjärta
så att deras hjärta må öppnas
och förstå Din Trofasthet,
Jag ber och bönfaller Dig om dessa saker, Rättfärdige Fader,
så att alla länder omvänder sig och blir helade
genom Din Älskade Sons, Jesu Kristi Sår; Amen;)


ask the Father to forgive the stubborn souls who refuse to hear and see; the Father is all Merciful and He will look on all His children; yes, little ones, you are the incense to God when you pray for the salvation of your brothers; the harder you pray, all the more powerful your prayers become;


thank the Lord who called you and with His grace made you hear His call, so pray for those who refuse to hear;


the time is pressing and many are still unaware and in deep sleep; the days are fleeing and My Heart plunges in deep sorrow when I look from above at the youth of today; Love is missing … but they never met with love either; many of them never even received their mother’s warmth or love, since she had none to give; the world has grown cold, icy cold, and the parents turn against each other, the child turns against his parents for lack of love, the mother refuses the child’s pleadings for love; the world is dead to love, it lies in deep obscurity because hatred, greed and selfishness dominate the entire earth all the way to its core;


I am shaken by terrible sights, with the iniquities of this dark world and the apostasy that penetrated in the sanctuary itself; the disasters, famine, afflictions, war and plague, all these are drawn by you; all that comes from the earth returns to earth; the earth is autodestructing itself and it is not God who gives you all these disasters as many of you tend to believe; God is Just and all Merciful, but evil draws evil;


pray hard, pray with your heart for the conversion and the salvation of your era; children of Mine, pray with Me; I need your prayers; pray and I shall offer them to God;


I assure you that I am with you wherever you go; I never leave you, you who are My children; I bless you all;”


And so says the Lord: “My Spirit will gather the lame and bring those that have been led astray; they will be grafted to Me, to honour once more My Holy Name and restore My Kingdom on earth; (…) so what have you to fear? I am with you…” (December 28,1993).


Fr. J.L. Iannuzzi too shared his insight. Here is what he said:


“As in the days of the Egyptians God send plagues that lasted several months to make them renounce their false gods and remind them that He alone is their God; so in these past few months He has taken away the false gods we worship. It is uncanny that with this virus, which is an evil, but that God permits, we are witnessing the closing of all entertainment venues, theaters, stadiums, civil centers and businesses. Perhaps this event is meant to turn us back to God who reveals, in the True Life in God messages the following:


‘summon the people and tell them: without repenting and truthfulness in your prayer this evil will last longer than you think; turn to Me, your God and repent; a sincere and universal prayer will reach Me, your God; fasting will cast away demons; any sacrifice is acceptable to Me; cast away your lethargic spirit and renounce your evil ways, and make peace with Me, your God; let Me hear: “Lord, have mercy on me, the sinner!” and I will show compassion; and I will rain blessings on all of you; come, do not fear; I am listening…  ic’ (March 13, 2020).


Maybe what matters most is not a vaccine, but just maybe God is permitting this isolation to detach us from the distractions of the world and be open to allow Him to discover a personal interior renewal during Lent, by focusing on the one thing in the world that really matters: Jesus.



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...”if the churches are able to go beyond the negative obstacles that hinder them to unite, obstacles that according to Scriptures are against the fulfilment of the unity of faith, love and worship among them, I will be faithful to My promise of releasing a time of peace in the entire world; this peace will draw every being into My Mystical Body,…” Dec 10, 2001
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